It is estimated that over 30 percent of private jet flights comprise of an empty legs. In particular, European charter flights have a higher percentage of empty legs than others. This normally arises when clients book a one-way flight and the jet has to get back to its point of origin. You find that the private jet is forced to return with no passengers.

However, the private jet markets customarily offers to buy these spaces at a discounted rate from the charter owners. This then makes it easy for customers especially when they have flexible schedules. They can take advantage of these tickets to travel around the world and at the same time make huge savings

They are private jet empty leg flights and the price is even lower when acquired at the last minute. The empty leg seats are a comfortable, flexible and efficient, and give you the luxury at a very fair rate.

You can get the empty leg seats from a number of jet websites such as the Zephyr Jets experience. You will find a list of thousands of such spots to choose from. In addition, you cannot miss one that suits your situation.


A useful lists needs to be constantly updated. As well, the customer gets to choose the date and location and destination from the list. You can only request from the list of available flights. Subsequently, if changes occur, you should be able to adjust your schedule, but they are normally minimal.

You can further contact the empty leg website should you fail to see a jet to your destination. Different jets offer different prices, and you can look at a number of websites and compare the prices. These websites also provide guidance on how to request a flight and get yourself to your destination at the cheapest price possible.

In addition, you can find empty legs that are flexible and can go to any destination and time. The websites further allow you to do a search on the route that you want to go. If you find a suitable flight, you can get in touch with the charter operator and negotiate the price and time of the flight. What’s more, booking wisely on an empty leg can save you costs of up to 75 percent.

You however need a reliable empty leg provider that updates the available jets and the discounted prices. The important thing is to get a price that is well below the market rate. An empty leg heading to infrequent destinations is likely to be cheaper than ones to common routes. Besides, the factors of demand and supply come into play.

Similarly, the price is largely influenced by when and where the jet is headed. There is also the factor of how quickly it wants to get back. You will specifically benefit if you can be flexible in terms of dates, and the number of airports you have as the destination.

The search is much easier, and you can readily capitalise on the private jets for a one way ticket. You get to enjoy remarkable services to your next destination. They give you an amazing opportunity to fly first class at unimaginable rates. You can even get alerts when jets to your preferred destination open-up.