We all have those dream companies that we want to work for before we live this earth. Thanks to vault website we are able to know which the best non for profit advertising agency are in the year 2016. They are known to hold a survey of thousands consultation firms. It is ranked with the following as key factors: prestige of the company, diversity in services, employee quality of life.  

  • Mckinssey & Company

It is a privately owned management firm. Its reputation is wide spread. It is known for being focused and putting the clients as their first priorities. It is well paying, they thrive in making their employees lives better. The employees commented about how each of them is respected within the working area.  

  • The Boston Consulting Group

Most of their employees have be ranked the best in offering high quality services. This gives a guarantee as a business, they will nurture your skills. Developing yourself in such an environment is much easier. They offer health benefits to the employees.  

  • Bain & Company

Its competitors are the Boston Consulting Group and Mckinssey & Company. Their leaders are supportive and not discriminatory. It is a platform to an employee’s success. The employees informed they are given a chance to make a difference and each is allowed to come up with new and relevant ideas.  

  • Deloitte Consulting LLT

They are internally competitive, which is very healthy and has led to the success of the company. Any employee who has worked hard is recognized and rewarded. This motivates them to deliver high quality services. They have dedicated their business to train and develop the employee’s skills.  

  • Booz Allen Hamilton

They cherish their employees and always try to show them gratitude in what they offer to the business. Every employee is equal in this business and they respect each other. They help each other and support each other in term of crisis. They are one big family.  

  • PwC advisory services

They hire because you are qualified hence they give you the same platform with everyone in getting a job in their firm. It is known in developing one’s career and you never are in the same position you are as you got in. They offer salary and benefits that are worth your sacrifice.  

  • Ernst & young LLT consulting practice

It comes out as the best place to work in because of the opportunity the employees are given to choose their project. They are very flexible and they are offered compensation. They also believe in equity among employees and treat each other with respect.  

  • Accenture Company

The company is known for its high quality services and without satisfied employees, this would not be possible. They develop the skills of each employee through training programs. They encourage their employees to be innovative. They also offer internship programs.  

  • KPMG LLP Consulting Practice

It has positive energy and they wire all their employees to success. It is a great place to develop your careers thanks to the brand name recognition and also the experience they offer you. They respect all individuals and treat them equal regardless of their business position.  

  • IBM Global Services

The employees have access to fresh research and analysis. They are friendly, they develop one skills. They also consider flexibility in employee’s schedule. And as long work is done, it is not necessary to be in the working place.