About us


There has been times when technology advanced faster that any news company could cover for the millions of passionate followers the world over, then we came to be. There is barely any new development that passes through out of our reach without us mentioning it to the thousands of readers who now follow us as religious as any other passion driven activity.

Epiphany triggering content is what we focus on, the type that gets users checking on the same article the next day to revise their acquired knowledge for applications sake. We have since developed a community around the insights and views we publish on a daily basis.

We feature some of the most successful and worth knowing about companies from time to time, giving the readers enough mileage to run their lives with the added advantage of knowing trends that others only speculate.

Time and again we refresh our skills base, looking into content writers with as much intention as the rest of the elements that make a successful content business. At barely five years in operation, our work speaks a lot of experience thanks to the deep collective experience that gets to touch the work before publishing.